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Why Choose Me?

Joonas Kylliäinen

Head of Agency

Norders Creative Agency

Whenever our client needs a brand identity or website, I know that Katja will deliver. We have worked together on several projects and I’ve found Katja to be trustworthy and idea rich designer. It’s easy to work with her and she always manages to deliver a bit more than expected.

Elisa Eriksson

Marketing Coordinator & Office Manager

Bambora Finland

Katja is a very creative designer, who quickly jumped to the task we requested from her. As a customer I was extremely happy for the result and how quickly she delivered updated drafts, even if we as customer weren't as fast from our side. Her creation (poster) will be on our wall to motivate our staff every day. 

Maria Eerola



We have worked with Katja on many projects, and she has also designed our company logo. Collaboration with Katja is straightforward and the quality of her work is consistently good. She’s always on schedule and can deliver exactly what we need. Katja’s helpful attitude is awesome, and it’s very easy to turn to her.

Jarno Sakki


Spotlight Productions

Katja is very creative and co-operative, and it’s easy to communicate with her. She listens to ideas, takes time to process them, and delivers thoughtful and well-made materials. I can always order a work from her with confidence.

About me

I'm a graphic designer with a BBA degree and a background in visual arts.


With years of experience, I know how to add value to all kinds of organizations with professional visual design. I can fluently utilize various design styles and techniques in different contexts.

I highly value my customer relationships, and always promise them respect, honesty, and the best possible service I can provide. I also value sustainability, especially greener life.

If you ever need a loyal graphic designer who always delivers, I'm here to help you.

Katja Raski

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Helsinki, Finland

Business ID: 2920371-7

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Graphic designer

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