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Presentation slide touch-up – starting at 100€ + VAT

I can take existing slides visually to the next level to help you convince and impress your audience.​

Flyer or brochure – starting at 40€ + VAT per page

Reach your target audience easily with attractive flyer and brochure designs. Design only, no printing.

Roll-up or banner – starting at 140€ + VAT

Maximize your visibility at events with gorgeous roll-ups and banners.​ Design only, no printing.

Poster – starting at 250€ + VAT

Improve your event and outdoor marketing with eye-catching posters. Design only, no printing.

Brand identity – starting at 1500€ + VAT

I can create complete visual identities for new brands or those that need updating. Includes at least a logo, a typeface, company colors, and visual guidelines.

Visual identity guidelines – 500€ + VAT

I'll make a guidebook of an existing brand to share with your eployees and stakeholders.

Logo – statring at 300€ + VAT

I'll design a memorable logo that helps your company stand out and attract customers. Complete logo guidelines are also included.​

Logo formats – starting at 150€

Do you only have a pixelized version of your logo? Have you sketched your own logo, but don't know how to turn it into logo formats on computer. I'll trace out your logo and provide you with all logo formats you need.

Business card – 150€ + ALV

I'll design an attractive and professional business card that is in line with your brand.

PowerPoint template – starting at 250€ + VAT

I'll create a stunning PowerPoint template to help you convince and impress your audience.​

One-pager –  Starting at 1000€ + VAT

I can provide an intuitive, visually impressive, and ready-to-use website (powered by Wix). One pager is perfect for portfolios or if you need a simple place on internet to call your own.

Website – Starting at 2000€ + VAT

I can provide an intuitive, visually impressive, and ready-to-use website (powered by Wix).

Wix or Editor X website upkeep – ask for offer

Looking to outsource all the hussle of updating and maintaining your website? I provide upkeep to all websites designed by me – either by yearly or hourly rate.

Graphic design

I'll help you build your brand's visual identity, so that you can better communicate your message to your customers and stand out from the competition.​ Or if you need marketing materials to convey your message, whether it's a brochure, flyer, poster, roll-up, banner, letterhead, postcard, shirt, mug, box of mints, or the head of a pin, I can take it to the next level with stunning graphic design.​

Website design

Website is your businesses digital calling card and home to your internet presence. I create high quality websites, that make an impression and convey your message. 


Below you can find the pricing and descriptions of my most popular visual design services, including graphic design, web design and illustration.

If the visual design service you're looking for isn't listed below, just drop me a line, and let's make it happen!


Illustrations, such as infographics, patterns, or artwork, are effective in various contexts and can therefore serve different purposes. I can create unique illustrations with various digital and analogue techniques.

Infographics – ask for offer

Need to portray you information in visual and easy to read format?

Artwork illustration – ask for offer

Need artwork to accompany your copy?

Icons – ask for offer

Need personilized icon set for your business?

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